Voodoo Child
composed by Jimi Hendrix and arranged by Howard Johnson and Helmar Hill. Live recorded on 8th, 2016 at Donaubühne Tulln, Austria
Solos by János Mazura- tuba  and Kurt Erlmoser- guitar

On The Road
composed by Dorretta Carter/Paul Urbanekand arranged  by Mr. Helmar Hill.
vocals Dorretta Carter

Handbags & Gladrags
written by Mike D‘ Abo and wonderfully arranged by Helmar Hill.
vocals  Dorretta Carter

Meet me at the club at 8th
composed by Helmar Hill/words Dorretta Carter.
vocals Dorretta Carter
Solos by Helmar Hill- keyboards and Robert Bachner on trombone.

Heavy Tuba & Jon Sass
Live at the Sibelius Hall Laghti
„Meltdown“ composed by Jon Sass, as recorded on our CD FACES
Solos by Jon Sass tuba and Antti Rissanen euphonium