Although the legendary Heavy Tuba formation is reduced to a small version on trombone, euphonium, tubas and rhythm it is not at all an unsignificant matter.
Jazz musicians like Robert Bachner euphonium/trombone, Alois Eberl euphonium/trombone, J√°nos Mazura tuba, H.G.Gutternigg tuba, Helmar Hill keyboards, Frank Schwinn guitar, Peter Gruber bass and Christian Salfellner drums are a musical delight.
Our programme includes a melodic and rhythmic collection of compositional refinements. Up tempos, funky blues and polyphonic cantilenas transform to an intoxicating sound mix. The virtuoso sound balance of brass and the nimbly springy rhythm simmer up to a jazzy art of storytelling. We offer music that is in the ear, but sounds quite uncommon.